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Pilot Grants for Undergraduates

Special funding of up to $1,800 is available to sponsor and support undergraduate research in Decision Sciences at Ohio State. Any Ohio State faculty advisor can apply for such funds on behalf of an undergraduate.

Examples of allowable research-related expenses include (but are not limited to) compensation of experimental or survey participants, monetary or other incentives in experiments, research materials or equipment, software, data sets, and student wages. Faculty salary support is not allowed, nor are expenses that are incurred before the funding of the research proposal. Funding for travel is generally not available.


Any Ohio State faculty member(s) with an undergraduate student conducting relevant research. Usually, the undergraduate student would write their own proposal with the relevant faculty member(s). The faculty member would then submit the proposal. 

Application deadline

Each year around October 15 and March 20. The next deadline is October 16, 2023.

Submission instructions

Applicants must use the template below. Please read the instructions and requirements carefully and answer all questions in full.

Applicants may refer to the example below of a successfully funded grant.


Please contact any member of the Decision Sciences Steering Committee.