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What We Do

Current Research Initiatives

  • Financial decision making
  • How math ability influences perceptions of risk and choices, and why gender matters
  • The interactions of decisions, emotions and brain activities
  • How changes in institutions and rules affect group decisions
  • The use of simplifying heuristics to make choices, even important choices like what job or career to choose
  • How public and private resources can be allocated most efficiently
  • Why teams outperform individuals in making the best decisions sometimes
  • How careful presentation of medical information can help patients choose treatments that are right for them


Decision Sciences Research Forum

Every spring, the Decision Sciences Collaborative hosts a Research Forum in which the awardees of Decision Sciences' small research grant awardees present their research.

"This was a great chance to meet students and faculty from around the University and hear about the creative and fascinating work going on in different departments. It was very helpful to get feedback from across several disciplines. Thanks for putting on such a great conference!" - Bob Gore, Psychology

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, and everyone else at the Decision Sciences Collaborative, for organizing such a wonderful event today. I am very grateful for the opportunity to give a talk about my research in front of so many established and promising scholars, and am happy to be part of such a great community." - Eun Bin Chung, Political Science