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Independents are most likely to oppose to a party or candidate rather than support its alternate - new research from Joseph Siev has found. Read more here.

Up to half of consumers may decide to pour perfectly good milk down the drain based solely on their glance at the date label on the carton – new research from Brian Roe has found. Read more here…

Decision-making capabilities of college students – including some graduating this spring – were likely negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – new research from Melissa Buelow has found.…

Partisan conflict can be largely explained as differing views on how to amass and distribute resources – new research from Roy Baumeister and Brad Bushman has found. Read more here.

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Kendra Wilson
College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology
Hyeonsong Lee
College of Education and Human Ecology, Department of Human Sciences
Fisher College of Business, Department of Marketing and Logistics