Who we are: The DSC Vision


Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary programs in the social sciences of decision making for research and teaching and for developing solutions to critical societal problems.

Who We Are

The Decision Sciences Collaborative brings together OSU’s diverse strengths in the decision sciences into a single community for programs, education, and new research collaborations. Faculty and students explore basic questions at the intersections of behavioral economics, political science, psychology, judgment and decision making, risk perception and communication, marketing, medical decision making, and environmental decision making. Core programs include an ongoing speaker series, small grants for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students, and a network of courses.

Decision Sciences has had a powerful impact on the scientific community and public consciousness in recent years. This growing interdisciplinary field builds on economics with the idea that human behavior can be understood as a purposeful, rational attempt to achieve well-being that can go awry under identifiable circumstances. It shares with political science and law the idea that institutional arrangements and rules constrain decision making in predictable ways. It leverages psychological ideas that people have limited information-processing capacity, that contexts shape how we think and feel, and that systematic deviations from "rational choice" are predictable. It shares with marketing, communication, human sciences, and public health principles and theories that can be applied to improve lives. This combination of perspectives and contrasting voices leads us to focus on the myriad ways that scholarly research can be applied to improve decision making, and ultimately, individual and societal welfare in health, personal finances, dispute resolution, the environment, the economy, and governance.

Our Goals

  • Research — To foster interdisciplinary scholarship within the decision sciences by facilitating research partnerships that span traditional academic boundaries.
  • Teaching — To develop academic training programs for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in the decision sciences.
  • Problem Solving — To grow an intellectual community organized around shared interests in decision making and the development of basic and applied sciences to solve critical issues for individuals, corporations, and society.

Steering Committee

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