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Graduate Student

College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Randi Bates
College of Nursing
Management Sciences, Fisher College of Business
Boram Park
Consumer Science
Mikaella Polyviou
Marketing and Logistics
Alfredo R. Roa-Henriquez
John Glenn College of Public Affairs
Adam Zwickle
School of Environment and Natural Sciences

Post-doctoral Fellow

School of Environment and Natural Resources
Emily Porensky
Center for Palliative Care
School of Environment and Natural Resources


Doug Bessette
Environment and Natural Resources
Kelly Capatosto
The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
Conrad Gratz
Office of Academic Affairs
Office of Student Life Student Health Services, Department of Pharmacy
Amy Hess
Internal Medicine
Donna Hight
Student Life and Enrollment Services
College of Public Affairs
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Office of Distance Education and eLearning
Translational Data Analytics Institute
Department of Food Science and Technology
Center of Education and Human Ecology; Center for Education and Training for Employment
Tasleem Padamsee
Department of Sociology
Ambulatory Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehab Manager
Fisher College of Business

Undergraduate Student


Medical Dietetics and Extension
Sharon  Alvarez
Management and Human Resources
Rebecca R. Andridge
Division of Biostatistics, College of Public Health
Micah Berman
College of Public Health & Moritz College of Law
Jeremy Brooks
Environment and Natural Resources
Ajit M. W. Chaudhari
Physical Therapy, Orthopaedics, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedcial Engineering
Sarah  Cole
Moritz College of Law
Larry  Garvin
Moritz College of Law
Management Sciences, Fisher College of Business
Tim Haab
Agricultural, Developmental, and Environmental Economics
Rick   Herrmann
Political Science/Mershon Center
Sanja Ilic
Human Sciences
Lydia Medeiros
Food Animal Health Research Program
Monique Mills
Department of Speech & Hearing Science
Waleed  Muhanna
Accounting and Management Information Systems
Michael  Neblo
Political Science and Philosophy
Nancy Neef
Educational Studies
Tom  Nelson
Political Science
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health; Co-Director of Research, Neuropsychology Clinic
Alison Norris
College of Medicine/Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
James   O'Brien
School of Medicine
Fisher College of Business, Marketing and Logistics
Efthimios Parasidis
College of Public Health & Moritz College of Law
Division of Health Information Management and Systems
Brian   Roe
Agricultural, Environmental, and Developmental Econ.
Guy Rub
Moritz College of Law
Nancy  Rudd
Consumer Science
Scott Schwenter
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Jason  Seligman
Glenn School of Public Affairs
Peter    Shane
Moritz College of Law
Christopher Simons
Department of Food Science & Technology
Environment and Natural Resources
Phil   Smith
Department of Integrated Systems Engineering
Brent  Sohngen
Agricultural, Environmental, and Developmental Economics