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Decision Psychology Ph.D. Program

Decision Sciences Courses

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COMM 3331 Communication and Decision Making


ECON 4050 Experimental Economics
ECON 5001 Game Theory in Economics
ECON 5194 Neuroeconomics
ECON 5870 Neuroeconomics and Decision Neuroscience
ECON 8817 Advanced Economic Theory II
ECON 8818 Advanced Economic Thoery III
ECON 8819 Economics of Uncertainty
ECON 8194 Group Studies
ECON 8873 Industrial Organization III: Economic Analysis of Auctions
ECON 8875 Experimental Economics

Environment and Natural Resources

ENR 3400 Psychology of Environmental Problems
ENR 7400 Communicating Environmental Risk
ENR 8150 Advanced Environment, Risk, and Decision Making

Human Sciences

CONSCI 8250 Normative Approaches to Consumer Sciences

Political Science

POLITSC 4282 The Politics of Income Inequality
POLITSC 7281 The Political Economy of Income Inequality, Volatility, and Mobility

Psychiatry & Internal Medicine

Palliative Care Communications Seminar
Palliative Care Lecture Series (Graduate)


PSYCH 2301: Psychology of Extraordinary Beliefs
PSYCH 4508 Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making
PSYCH 4508H Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making (Honors)
PSYCH 4518 Attitudes: Structure, Function, and Consequences
PSYCH 4525 Psychology of Personal Security: Global and Local Perspectives
PSYCH 4630 Attitudes and Persuasion
PSYCH 5870 Neuroeconomics and Decision Neuroscience
PSYCH 7695.04 Dynamics and Neuroscience of Psychological and Economic Decision Making
PSYCH 7708 Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making (Graduate)
PSYCH 7816 Action and Decision Making
PSYCH 7873 Attitudes and Persuasion
PSYCH 7897 Topical Seminar in Social Psychology
PSYCH 8880 Current Research in Decision Psychology
PSYCH 8881 Cognitive and Affective Influences in Decision Making
PSYCH 8890 Topical Seminar in Decision Psychology
PSYCH 8896 Advanced Seminar in Quantitative Psychology

Public Affairs

 PUBAFRS 4010 Public Affairs Decision-Making


 BUSML 8250 Consumer Behavior and Judgment and Decision-Making