Spring 2017 DSC Small Research Grant Awardees

May 4, 2017
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Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Decision Sciences Small Research Grant awardees:

Demonstrating the utility of meta-studies as an alternative to meta-analyses - Michael DeKayPaul De Boeck, & Nataliya Rubinchik

Do short people work harder and smarter? The effect of stature on self-control and creativity - Lei JiaXiaoyan Deng

Numeracy-related responding to numeric self-report scales - Amanda MontoyaStephanie SmithJaime GildenLeanne Stanley, & Ellen Peters

Estimating impacts of food waste policy on consumer ordering, intake, and waste of food - Danyi Qi & Brian Roe

Can factual misperceptions be corrected? An experiment on public fear of terrorism - Daniel Silverman & Daniel Kent