Celia Wills and Ellen Peters in special issue of BMC Informatics and Decision Making

December 6, 2013

Decision Sciences members Celia Wills and Ellen Peters are authors in a special issue of BMC Informatics and Decision Making.

A BioMed Central Special Supplement is now available.

In 2003, the International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IPDAS) Collaboration was established to enhance the quality and effectiveness of patient decision aids by establishing an evidence-informed framework for improving their content, development, implementation, and evaluation.

This 2013 series begins with a paper describing a) the ten-year evolution of the IPDAS Collaboration itself and b) IPDAS's 12 core dimensions for assessing the quality of patient decision aids.  Next, 12 papers present an updated theoretical rationale, the current empirical evidence, and the emerging issues underlying each of these core evaluative dimensions.  Finally, the series closes with a systematic review of the implementation of patient decision support interventions into routine clinical practice. A total of 102 authors from 10 countries contributed to this supplement.