Candace Haugtvedt

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Candace Haugtvedt

Office of Student Life Student Health Services, Department of Pharmacy

Room 70 Wilce Student Health Center
1875 Millikin Road
Columbus, OH 43210

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Candace Haugtvedt is a pharmacist at OSU Student Health Services Pharmacy. She has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Administration/Preventive Medicine from Ohio State in 1998. Areas of expertise include health behavior/health promotion, public health advocacy and health care management. Professional experience includes 16 years as a decentralized Hospital Pharmacist at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Mount Carmel Health West in Columbus, and 20 years as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist in College Health at the Ohio State University Student Health Services Pharmacy.  Candace is currently a Co-Advisor to the Student Section of the Ohio Public HealthAssociation (OPHA) and also serves as the OPHA representative to the Immunization Advocacy Network of Ohio. Candace recently received the Ohio Public Health Association's 2017 Distinguished Public Health Practitioner Service Award.