Nadja Ging Jehli

Graduate Student
Nadja is a Ph.D. student in Decision Psychology with a Minor in Neuroscience. She received her Master degree in Behavioral and Experimental Economics from the University of Zurich where she also conducted research together with Prof. Dr. Roberto Weber. She attempts to unravel the interaction of the underlying cognitive, motivational and neural mechanisms that shape an individual’s thought, perception and social decisions.

Her current research interests include:

  1. The investigation of emotions during one’s decision process.

  2. How individuals form their set of beliefs, based on their experiences and observations. How they rely on them when processing multiple alternatives and choosing an optimal course of action and eventually, how persistent they are such that one finds epigenetic evidence for it.

  3. How different physiological states can potentially modulate hormonal and brain neurotransmitter dynamics and in doing so influence humans’ information processing and social decisions.

Nadja Ging Jehli photo
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