Marcus Williams

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Rehab Services Manager

My background is in patient care, wellness, sports performance programming and data analysis. My interest is in community engagement and partnership to advance health and wellness.

Conrad Gratz

System Developer/Engineer

Ph. D. In Clinical Psychology

MS Computer Science

My background is in the study of the imagination and how this informs a person’s world view.
My current interest is in how stories inform and add meaning to lived experiences.

Lei Jia

My research interests focus on sensory and contextual influences on consumers’ decision making. My current projects explore how subtle stimuli in the environment affect consumer product choices and food decisions.

John Harden

John P. Harden is a PhD student specializing in International Relations and Political Psychology. His research interests include international security, public opinion, foreign policy, and leader decision-making.

Lexi Keaveney

I study the interplay between immune system function and social cognition. In one line of research, I investigate the effects of inflammation on risk-taking. In another, I study the effects of valence weighting bias on perceptions of stress and inflammation.


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