Ingrid Adams

I developed a model of critical thinking for use among low-income audiences. We are testing the various components of this model in helping individuals to reason, take initiative, solve problems and make sound decisions related to health and well-being.

Briahna Hendey

Briahna Hendey is a first year M.S. student  specializing in Environmental Social Sciences. Her research interests broadly involve conservation psychology, while she is specifically interested in risk behaviors and habits.

Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick

Dr. Knobloch-Westerwick’s research examines the selection, processing, and effects of mediated communication. The applications pertain to political communication, health communication, risk and science communication, as well as the use of news, entertainment, and social media.

Karen O. Moss

Dr. Karen Moss’ program of research focuses on improving end-of-life care and decision-making outcomes for patients with serious chronic illness and their families.

Jianna Jin

My research interests include (1) consumers' food and health decision making (i.e., how to nudge consumers into choosing "healthier" options) and (2) the downstream consequences of digital marketing and new technologies on consumer behavior.


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