Courses in Economics


Department of Economics

Economics 4050
Experimental Economics

3 units |
Introduction to economics as an experimental social science.  Students participate in and study results of economic experiments dealing with markets, individual decision making, and a broad array of game theoretic economic models.

Economics 5001
Game Theory in Economics

3 units |
Analysis of behavior in strategic situations - when a person or firm's best action depends on what others do.

Economics 5870
Neuroeconomics and Decision Neuroscience

3 units | Offered yearly
Topics include decisions about risk, delaying gratification, social distribution, strategy in games, and learning.

Economics 8817
Advanced Economic Theory II

3 units |
Thorough treatment of major developments in game theory and a survey of major applied game theory topics such as mechanism design, bargaining, and oligopoly.

Economics 8818
Advanced Economic Theory III

3 units |
Theoretical approaches to economics of information; how information affects individual behavior and market equilibrium; moral hazard; adverse selection; incomplete contracts; rational expectations; and principal-agency models.

Economics 8819
Economics of Uncertainty

3 units |
Offered every autumn and spring
Classical and modern approaches to decision-making and economic behavior under uncertainty; classical expected utility; subjective probability; behavioral theory of economic choice under uncertainty.

Economics 8194
Group Studies

1 unit |
Advanced new course material in economics offered to complement existing PhD courses.

Economics 8873
Industrial Organization III: Economic Analysis of Auctions

3 units |
A survey of auction theory, experiments, and empirics; topics include private and common value auctions, multi-unit demand auctions, sequential and simultaneous auctions, and related research material.